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Let’s keep this short and sweet—start making power moves in 2019 with better features in Zendesk. There’s something new for everyone so you can hit the ground running with our family of products to build the best experiences for your customers and agents. We even have something special for developers who are building on Zendesk too.

Zendesk Benchmark

Find out where you stand

Data-driven insights for support teams like yours.

The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2019

Get your hands on the biggest customer experience trends for 2019 with The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report. See what your support team needs to do to make the most of all of them.

Learn more about The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2019.

Zendesk Sunshine iconSunshine

Dark days are over

Open, flexible CRM platform that lets you connect and understand all your customer data.


Build complete customer profiles with information from internal and third-party apps.

Learn more about Profiles.


Capture every customer interaction across your web and mobile apps—like a customer’s shopping cart or web activity.

Learn more about Events.

Custom Objects

Store and connect new data sources, from purchase history to asset management.

Learn more about Custom Objects.

Zendesk Support iconSupport

Make it right

A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets.

Contextual Workspaces

Admins can create unique agent ticket interfaces customized to each agent. Workspaces are set up based on ticket conditions—and can show or hide relevant forms, macros, and apps. This helps reduce agent effort and increases their overall productivity.

Learn more about Contextual Workspaces.

Email CC’s and Followers

Email CC’s allow you to include agents, administrators, and external users on ticket notifications. This feature behaves like a conventional email cc’ing functionality. The new followers functionality allows internal users to monitor a ticket without notifying end users.

Learn more about Email CC’s and followers.

Slack + Side Conversations

Empower agents to start a side conversation in Slack. Put all interactions and conversations within Support in one place, reducing the need to juggle multiple collaboration tools.

Learn more about Slack and side conversations.

Conditional Ticket Fields

Before getting started with conditional ticket fields—customers had to download the Conditional Fields App, integrate it into Support, and switch between three different steps. Now conditional ticket fields is built natively into Support, so you don’t have to worry about putting in any extra effort. We even did the same integration with the Web Widget, mobile SDK, and Help Center.

Learn more about Conditional Ticket Fields.

Support Training Courses in 5 new languages

Zendesk Support training is available in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese. Customers can now onboard new admins and agents, or increase global coverage by training employees in their native language.

Learn more about Support in your native language.

Zendesk Guide iconGuide

Use your know-how

A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents.

Flexible Hierarchies

Businesses that have more complex knowledge bases will acquire more flexibility in the organization and structure of content with flexible hierarchies. Now you can make the parent of a section an additional section rather than just a category, so customers can build a robust hierarchy that goes deeper than three levels. This means you can structure your knowledge to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Learn more about Flexible Hierarchies.

Article Events: Verification

Article Events help businesses keep their knowledge base healthy and up-to-date by allowing them to schedule various lifecycle dates. This lets teams verify the accuracy of content with the owner so everyone can see that the content has been checked and is still reliable. Soon we’ll introduce options to schedule dates for content to be published and unpublished.

Learn more about Article Verification.

Search Enhancements

We have a number of search enhancements rolling out to customers focusing on making our search more resilient. This includes fuzzy search which can better accommodate spelling mistakes and synonym matching. Soon we’re adding search corrections, autocomplete, the ability to search for category and section titles, and improvements to Chinese and Korean searches.

Zendesk Chat iconChat

Strike up a conversation

Live chat software that provides a fast and responsive way to connect with customers in real-time.

Web Widget Integrated Chat Experience

Customers can easily navigate between Zendesk Chat and Help Center in the Web Widget—and receive incoming or proactive Chat messages while searching and viewing help center articles.

Learn more about the Web Widget integrated Chat experience.

Structured messages

Create more interactive conversations between chatbots and customers with structured messages—like buttons, quick replies and carousels.

Learn more about Structured Messages.

Chat History (Mobile)

Give team leads, administrators, and agents the ability to view past chats on their mobile devices.

Learn more about Chat history (mobile).

Zendesk Talk iconTalk

Talk it out

Call center solution for more personal, productive phone support conversations.

Agent States

Let agents report their “state” or “status” (e.g. available, on a call, busy, or away). Route calls only to available agents, increase team communication, and improve reporting.

Zendesk Explore iconExplore

Dig in

Analytics that help businesses measure and improve the entire customer experience.

Zendesk Support Dashboard Updates

Improvements to the Support dashboard make it easier to analyze the metrics that matter—with a new color scheme, additional attributes, and filters for data. The new and updated dashboard tabs let you understand customer satisfaction, agent activity, unsolved tickets, and ticket backlog in better ways.

Learn more about dashboard updates.

HIPAA Compliance

Explore will soon meet HIPAA compliance standards and be covered by the Zendesk BAA, which means you can confidently measure and analyze data related to protected health information (PHI).

Learn more about HIPAA Compliance.

Scheduling and Collaboration Improvements

A simplified scheduling experience makes it easier to share dashboards with others on your team, so you can send dashboards to a group of users and to individuals. You can even schedule a dashboard multiple times.

Learn more about scheduling and collaboration improvements.

New Query From Dashboard

You can now create new charts directly from the dashboard builder. This makes it easier to add queries while in the process of creating a dashboard, all without switching context.

Learn more about creating a new query from a dashboard.

Dashboard Navigation and Preview Improvements

Clicking a shared dashboard will open the dashboard viewer rather than edit mode. And clicking preview in the dashboard builder will display the most recent unpublished changes instead of the published version.

Learn more about dashboard navigation and preview improvements.

Custom Ticket Field Values Instead of Tags

Now, your support team can use custom ticket fields instead of tags to label data as desired. This way, you can correctly identify data you’ve collected in Explore.

Learn more about Custom Field Values.

Zendesk Connect iconconnect

Be ahead of the game

Manage proactive customer communication across channels.

Connect messages shown in customer context timeline

Having all interactions in the Customer Context Timeline gives agents the information they need to quickly handle incoming queries, and understand which proactive messages a customer has received.

Create a new campaign directly from user search

Increase your campaign building efficiency in Connect. Now users can create campaigns using segments created in user search, rather than having to create the segment again in the campaign builder.

User updated events now available for campaign targeting

Connect campaigns can now be triggered off of changes in a user’s profile data. You can now run campaigns when users change status, location, or other important attributes.

Web push acknowledgement

Sometimes you just need to provide an update, rather than ask users to click on a specific call to action. Now, web push messages can be “acknowledged” and cleared, rather than requiring a specific call to action URL.

Updates to the Connect SDKs

We’ve synchronized our public APIs across the iOS and Android SDKs. We updated and improved the codebase itself.

Find out more details here.

Developer Tools

Build it your way

Tools and services to embed, integrate, and extend the functionality of Zendesk.

Marketplace Apps

The Zendesk Marketplace is providing tiered paid versions of apps, giving customers the freedom to choose their price and feature set.

Built by Zendesk Apps

Get up and running with out-of-the-box apps that seamlessly plug into Zendesk. Check out our newest apps on the Marketplace.

Learn more about Built by Zendesk apps.

Admin Experience

Manage settings and administration across The Zendesk Suite from one place.

Learn more about the Admin experience.

Buying Experience

Expand and upgrade plans for you support team from a single place.

Learn more about the buying experience.

Zendesk Sell iconSell

Make a big deal of it

Sales force automation software to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams.

Sell for startups program

Zendesk Sell is joining the Zendesk for Startups program—offering qualifying startups two free seats of Sell enterprise edition. The program helps startups get started without having to worry about purchasing software for their team.

Learn more about Sell for startups.

Sell App Improvements

This latest update to the Sell app for Support allows you to show custom fields from Sell in Support. Now you’re able to map which data points should be visible in Support and adjust the order to meet your needs.

Learn more about the Sell app.