Alternative Customer Support Software

Alternative Customer Support Software

The market for customer service software grows more crowded as multiple brands enter the field. While it's true that help desk and customer support apps all boil down to software, choosing the right solution for your enterprise or small business is more than just finding the right API, integration and pricing.

Zendesk is the market-leading, open-API customer service platform, bringing businesses and customers closer together. It’s designed for companies that want to create customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal and productive.

The Zendesk difference

Any Zendesk alternative must offer several types of functionality. All customer service platforms must include (either built-in or through integration) features like ticketing, knowledge base, customer support, help desk, management tools, user portal and live chat.

More important, an alternative to Zendesk must provide agents with the tools to create tickets and the entire range of help desk functionality to address and close them in a timely manner. It must also empower customers through do-it-yourself options for finding solutions to common problems at any time of night or day.

Benefits of Zendesk

The most commonly cited advantage of implementing any alternative to Zendesk is its pricing plan; namely, free. However, there are almost always downsides to free software, and they are usually inflexibility and poor support.

Zendesk has made substantial investments in improving its software so that agents can smoothly open and process tickets for customers, without ongoing management headaches. The company has built out a vast knowledge base that customers can access easily. Zendesk is known for incorporating customer feedback and has received high ratings for customer satisfaction among help desk software brands.

Plan your customer support

Many companies, especially small businesses, start with a free trial of a Zendesk alternative and continue working with free customer support and help desk indefinitely. Upper management is always happy to get a valuable resource at no cost, but starting off with Zendesk, rather than with an alternative to Zendesk, pays off in the long run with greater agent productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

Start on the right foot

Since everybody loves free, Zendesk offers a free trial of its own software products. After the trial period, pricing models start as low as a few dollars per agent per month and go up with each increase in features. All levels offer knowledge base, help desk, ticketing and customer support.

Zendesk alternative? Fuggedaboutit and satisfy your customers.

See which Zendesk plan works best for you.