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We’re pulling out all the stops to reveal exciting new products and features joining our growing family of products. There’s something new for everyone, so tune in to find out how your agents, developers, and admins can keep providing the best customer experiences with Zendesk.

Zendesk Gather iconGather

Come together

A community forum for customers to connect and collaborate.

Introducing Zendesk Gather

Introducing Zendesk Gather, a community forum software that creates a space for customers to interact and collaborate with your business and each other.

Learn more about Zendesk Gather.

User aliases

Boost member participation with community aliases that are personalized.

Learn more about user aliases.


Interact with your community by responding directly to members in a thread with @mentions.

Community moderators

Select community members to help moderate your community.

Learn more about community moderators.

Zendesk Sunshine iconPlatform

Build it your way

Powerful tools for admins and developers to build the best customer experiences possible.

Sunshine Conversations

Introducing Sunshine Conversations, a messaging platform that helps businesses unify messages from every channel into a single conversation and build interactive messaging experiences anywhere.

Learn more about Sunshine Conversations.

Zendesk Events Connector for AWS

Stream Zendesk events in near real-time to AWS to power advanced analytics, machine learning, and more.

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Apps Marketplace

Publish tiered versions of apps to the Marketplace and let customers choose their price by feature set.

Learn more about Marketplace Apps.

Mobile SDK improvements

Integrate omnichannel support directly into your mobile apps.

Learn more about the new Chat SDK.

Expanded centralized admin center

Control additional product and feature settings from the centralized Admin Center.

Learn more about using the Zendesk Admin Center.

Zendesk Sell iconSell

Make a big deal of it

Sales software to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams.

Sell Apps EAP

Give your sales team the tools they need to close more deals. Sign up for our Sell Apps EAP to get access to MailChimp, Pandadoc, and more from a single interface.

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Zendesk Duet

Get a shared license for Zendesk Sell and Support—one package, one price, for sales and support teams.

Learn more about Zendesk Duet.

Apps framework for partners

Bring the power of the Zendesk App Framework and Marketplace into the world of sales. Use new (beta) partner apps like MailChimp to extend Sell to your other systems or applications.

Card customization

Customize the display of your sales information in Sell, so it's easier to track and prioritize what matters to you. Manage how items like Tasks, Documents, and Support tickets appear with the flexibility to collapse, expand, or rearrange information unique to each deal.

Mobile enhancements

Access filterable lists of your prospects and customers on the Sell mobile app so you can manage the groups you want to target from anywhere.

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Zendesk Explore iconExplore

Dig in

Analytics to measure and improve the entire customer experience.

Real-time Dashboard EAP

Access real-time updates on key metrics across channels from a single unified dashboard.

Learn more about real-time dashboard EAP.

Scalability and availability improvements

We’re making Explore accessible to Zendesk customers with larger ticket volumes and customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Schema updates

We’ve made changes to the way your team interacts with the Explore default data schema and updated the naming conventions of several metrics and attributes.

Learn more about updates to datasets.

New metrics and attributes

We’ve added new metrics and attributes and changed how to handle tags, multi-value attributes, and deleted organizations in Explore.

Learn more about new metrics and attributes.

Permissions improvements

We’ve made a few updates to roles and permissions for Explore. Customers on Support Enterprise can grant access to Explore using Custom Roles. Customers with the Collaboration add-on can give light agents view-only access to dashboards.

Zendesk Support iconSupport

Make it right

A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets.

Agent Workspace

Send and receive chats and emails in the same omnichannel user interface. Access notifications, update ticket properties, and transfer chats all without leaving the Agent Workspace.

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WhatsApp for Zendesk Support

Easily connect with 1.5B users on WhatsApp and manage conversations from a unified workspace in Zendesk Support.

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Salesforce integration

Bring sales and support data together for a holistic view of your customer. Check out our new Salesforce integration built on Zendesk using our UI components and backend.

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Side Conversations improvements

Streamline communication and collaboration with Side Conversations enhancements—including Rich Formatting, Side Conversations API, and search.

Learn more about Side Conversations improvements.

Skills-based routing enhancements

Agents can now route and re-assign skills linked to tickets without involving an admin. Improve efficiency in handling complex workflows and enable your team to be agile.

Learn more about manual routing and re-routing.

Mobile app: enhanced agent experience

Increase agent productivity on the go with new mobile enhancements, including Bulk Ticket Editing, Quick Merge Tickets, and integrated Agent Status on Talk.

Ticket Forms enhancements

Manage your ticket forms more efficiently. Reorder using drag-and-drop and easily search and filter ticket forms by brand.

Learn more about managing your ticket forms.

Zendesk Guide iconGuide

Use your know-how

A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents.

Answer Bot APIs & SDKs

Easily integrate Answer Bot into any channel. Build custom experiences on top of our APIs or add Answer Bot directly into your mobile app with our SDK.

Learn more about Answer Bot APIs & SDKs.

Scheduled publishing

Schedule time sensitive content to ensure that it’s published at the right time.

Learn more about scheduled publishing.

Theming API

Store your custom theme code in third party repositories that automatically sync with your Help Center to keep your content looking fresh.

Learn more about the Theming API.

Help Center unified search

Display search results from your community and multiple help centers from one place.

Learn more about the Help Center unified search.

Zendesk Chat iconChat

Strike up a conversation

Live chat provides a fast and responsive way to connect with customers in the moment.

Web Widget integrated chat experience

Allow customers to easily navigate between Zendesk Chat messages and your Help Center content within the Web Widget.

Learn more about the Web Widget integrated Chat experience.

Mobile app updates

Increase your agent and admin productivity with our new mobile updates. Agents can now send attachments and view updated Chat-Support Wrap Ups right from their phones.

Zendesk Talk iconTalk

Talk it out

Call center solution for more personal, productive phone support conversations.

Call recording opt-out

Stay compliant by offering callers the choice to opt-out of call recordings.

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Call recording deletion API

Build custom applications to automatically delete call recordings in Talk. This API gives you more flexibility and control over privacy and data security management.

Learn more about the call recording deletion API.

IVR group routing

Assign overflow groups to an IVR route to ensure callers always reach a live agent and get the help they need.

Learn more about the EAP.

And more

Improve your experience

Other exciting new features and services to help you make the most of Zendesk.

Suite Ready

Select Zendesk partners offer three months free of their products to Zendesk Suite customers.

Learn more about Suite Ready.

Training Unlocked

Get unlimited access to training with Zendesk Training Unlocked. We offer subscription plans for teams of all sizes, so you can empower your team to become Zendesk experts and provide the best experience to your customers.

Learn more about Training Unlocked.

Guide Specialist exam

Showcase your mastery of Zendesk Guide by getting certified as a Guide Specialist.

Learn more about the Guide Specialist exam.